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JobKeeper Payment Update | Monthly declaration due by 14 August

Monthly JobKeeper declaration due for lodgment by 14 August

To continue receiving reimbursements for JobKeeper payments made in July, a business monthly declaration must be made by the 14th of August.  The declaration can be made via ATO online services using myGov, or the Business Portal using myGovID.

Employers will need to ensure they have paid their eligible employees at least $1,500 (before tax) in each JobKeeper fortnight that they are claiming for.  They will also need to reconfirm their eligible employees, and their contact and bank details.

As part of the declaration, employers will need to reconfirm:

  • Details of their eligible employees, including whether employees have changed or left their employment; and
  • Their current (2020 reporting month) and projected (following month) GST turnover.

Under the current JobKeeper arrangements, the provision of turnover information is not a retest of your eligibility.  The ATO is asking for this information to track how your business is progressing under the JobKeeper Payment scheme.

Making your declaration

Ensure you have current and next month’s projected turnover and details of eligible employees ready to enter.

  • Log into the Business Portal using myGovID.
  • View the COVID-19 screen and select Step 3 – Business monthly declaration for JobKeeper payment.
  • Reconfirm eligible employees.
  • Select Maintain employee if you need to update details for eligible employees, such as notifying a change in their employment.
  • Enter your business’ current month and next month’s projected GST turnover.
  • Reconfirm your financial institution details for receiving JobKeeper payments.

Ensure you use the Print-friendly function to capture your successful JobKeeper declaration in PDF format.  Retain this confirmation, including your JobKeeper receipt number, for your records.

Set a reminder to lodge your declaration

The JobKeeper declaration must be submitted by the 14th of each month to receive reimbursements for JobKeeper payments made in the previous month. If you’ve not already done so, ensure you set up a recurring reminder to guarantee that the declaration is lodged on time.

Child care eligibility changes from 20 July 2020

The government has now confirmed rule changes relating to JobKeeper payments for employees of approved child care providers.

From 20 July, eligibility for JobKeeper payments for a JobKeeper fortnight will stop for employees of an approved provider of child care services, if the employees’ ordinary duties relate principally to the operation of those services.

These ordinary duties could be performed by a wide group of employees such as educators, centre directors and managers, administration staff, cooks, cleaners, gardeners, and research or advocacy staff if their duties relate principally to the child care service.

If you are a business running mixed services

If your business provides other services in addition to child care services, such as aged care, some of your employees may still be eligible. If an employee has mixed duties, they will only remain eligible if their ordinary duties in a fortnight do not principally relate to the operation of the approved child care service.

If you have employees who undertake childcare related activities that are minor or secondary to their main responsibility, they may still be eligible for JobKeeper payments.

The principally test will be met if the majority of the ordinary duties relate to the operation of the approved child care service. The application of this test will also not be affected by an employee’s leave.

We are here to help

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