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Service Showcase | Our Better Business Program

At Apiary Financial, we take the time to understand your unique business so that we can provide meaningful and personalised coaching and advice designed to meet your objectives. This is why we have developed our Better Business Program.

Our Better Business Program is a unique advisory service offered to small, SME and multi-owner businesses to de-risk and enable them to run a better, more valuable business.

Data collection and assessment phase

The program starts with a short business needs assessment survey, which highlights key risks and potential areas of improvement and provides a scorecard for your business.

The initial results and scorecard are discussed with you and may highlight the need for a further detailed assessment via our tailored business risk and value driver assessment tool, which dives deeper into your business and the key risks and value drivers behind it.

Data Analysis and Goal Setting Phase

Upon completion of the detailed assessment, the results are reviewed with you and we will compare your business to industry benchmarks and perform a value gap analysis.

As part of the tailored program, we work closely with you to run a Business SWOT analysis and workshop, where we will determine specific goals, an action plan, responsibilities and implementation timeframe to start on the path to increasing business profits, minimising risk and increasing the value of your business.


The results of the detailed assessment and Business SWOT workshop then assist with the development of a Tailored Business Implementation Plan for your business. We will work closely with you to implement this plan and keep you on track to reach the goals and objectives we set out to achieve.

To ensure you continue to implement strategies and achieve ongoing results in your business, our ongoing CFO or Board of Advice programs can assist with monitoring your progress and offer guidance to achieve ongoing results in your business.

Get started on our Better Business Program today and Take the free Business Needs Assessment Survey.

If you would like more information about our Better Business Program please contact our team on 07 3217 2477.