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Providing you with holistic, personalised advice.

Self-Managed Superannuation (SMSF)

Our team consists of qualified Financial Planners as well as Chartered Accountants so that you receive tailored financial advice in relation to all superannuation matters including Self-Managed Superannuation Fund (SMSF) establishment*, Investment Advice*, Strategic Advice and Retirement Planning*, Taxation Advice and SMSF Administration Services.

At Apiary Financial, we have the relevant licences and qualifications in place, so that we can provide you with holistic, personalised advice.

Advice and Establishment

Advice and Establishment

Depending on your personal circumstances, ­Our financial planners* can help you establish your SMSF and tailor an investment plan to suit your personal circumstances and financial goals.

Our SMSF establishment services include:

  1. Meeting with you to get to know you and understand your financial objectives now and in retirement.
  2. Assessment of whether a SMSF is appropriate for you
  3. Review of your existing superannuation balances
  4. Review of your personal insurances (whether held inside or outside super) and assessment of any additional insurances requirements.
  1. Preparation of a Statement of Advice in relation to the establishment of your SMSF and corporate trustee (if elected), the rollover of your existing superannuation and insurance and attending to paperwork to facilitate rollovers and applications for new insurance (if required)
  2. Completion of SMSF establishment paperwork, new special-purpose company trustee paperwork and liaising with solicitors to prepare the SMSF Trust Deed
  3. Assisting with all Trustee Declarations and Applications for Membership of the SMSF
  4. Lodgement of required documentation with the ATO and attending to all ATO registrations including Australian Business Number (ABN) and Tax File Number (TFN)
  5. Advice and assistance regarding the establishment of a new SMSF bank account

Investment Advice

At Apiary Financial, our Financial Planners work closely with our Chartered Accountants to provide comprehensive advice in relation to SMSF strategy, investments and retirement planning.

We take the time to get to know you and understand your retirement goals so that we can provide you with tailored, specific advice in relation to the types of investment products that can assist you in achieving your financial goals and plan for your retirement.

We leverage off our relationship with Count Financial to obtain up-to-date, detailed research and information in relation to the financial markets, and the various types of investment products available to you including:

  • cash deposit accounts
  • wrap accounts
  • managed investment platforms
  • direct shares and geared investments.

Our approach is to design a diversified, quality investment portfolio that incorporates an appropriate mix of defensive and growth investments from the key asset classes, specifically designed to suit your investment profile and financial goals.

Contact us today so we can plan for your future, together.


Strategic SMSF Advice and Retirement Planning

It's no secret that the superannuation landscape has been and continues to be subject to significant change by legislators which leaves many Australians feeling uncertain about superannuation and the role it plays in planning for retirement. However, Superannuation still has a significant role to play as a retirement planning vehicle, at is offers a tax effective structure through which wealth can be accumulated over the long term.

When planning for your retirement and making key investment decisions, it is important to fully-understand all aspects of the superannuation system, as well as the investment options that may be available to you, to ensure that your super is performing as it should.

When it comes to something as important as managing your wealth within super and planning for your retirement, it makes sense to speak to a licenced Financial Planner.  Contact our team today.

Whether you’re just starting out or approaching retirement, our Financial Planning team will help you navigate through the financial planning process, understand your goals and objectives and provide you with a written plan designed to provide you with financial peace of mind. With over $50 million in assets under management, we have the expertise and resources required to help you reach your financial goals. 

We can help you meet your goals by:

  • Working closely with you in developing your investment strategy and wealth creation plan*
  • Providing advice in relation to super contributions and pensions*
  • Ongoing financial review services and SMSF reporting to ensure your SMSF’s investments are performing as desired*
  • Providing advice in relation to tax effective strategies within superannuation*
  • Understanding your retirement objectives and developing a holistic plan to meet your goals*

SMSF Administration

Setting up a SMSF is straightforward, but the administration and management can be time-consuming and complex.  Our dedicated and qualified in-house Superannuation team is here to help you meet your statutory and compliance obligations. 

Our team of Chartered Accountants and Financial Planners* work together to ensure that you receive a holistic service.  This way you can maintain compliance with all regulations, minimise taxation, accumulate wealth and effectively plan for retirement.

Our Superannuation administration services include:

  • Annual financial statements and income tax return – we have incorporated automated transaction feeds from banks, investment wrap accounts, managed funds and brokers to streamline your compliance requirements
  • SMSF compliance and financial audit
  • Pension implementation and administration
  • Compliance with superannuation laws, regulations and taxation obligations
  • Advice on employer obligations
  • Tax audit insurance policy offering (underwritten by CGU Insurance Ltd)

Contact our experienced Chartered Accountants or our Financial Planning team* to discuss how we can assist you with your Superannuation.



Make the move to Apiary Financial

Making the change to Apiary Financial is easy. Take advantage of our free transfer service for existing SMSFs which includes:

  • A free, no-obligation meeting and financial health check with one of our Partners and Financial Planners*
  • SMSF Compliance risk assessment
  • Corresponding with your existing accountant / administrator and requesting the information we will require to transition your fund
  • Attending to all updates of your SMSF’s details with the ATO
  • Attending to all paperwork required to establish bank account and investment transaction feeds (where possible).

There are many synergies associated with having all of your affairs managed by your one, trusted advisor. We also offer a full range of business advisory and taxation services which, together with our financial planning services, means we provide our clients with the most comprehensive service there is.

There is no reason to delay, make the move to Apiary Financial and contact us today to arrange your free meeting and financial health check.